Unveils the secrets of balance between body, mind and soul; Moon Spa combines the unique healing approach and technique, merges the perfect methods of the East and the West to offer the original care and dedicated attention. Within the tranquil environment and the services from the best aroma therapists, the customized service, the premium natural products and the relaxing therapy offer the soul and mind shelter, which also makes one feel as if time had gone back several decades. Bathing, cleansing, nourishing and relaxing allow the stress and worries to gradually vanish throughout the massaging process, and let you soak in the world of happiness. These sensations are filled with vitality, the muscles are completely relaxed, and hence the body is relieved.
Message Therapy
  • Mixed-Message Harmony Therapy / Message with stronger strokes
  • Mind Relaxing Therapy / Soft to medium pressure messaging strokes
  • Thai Stretching Therapy / Massage without essential oil  
Ayurveda Therapy / Head and shoulders message
Oriental Foot Therapy / Reflexology
Body Exfoliation & Nourishment Therapy
  • Tropical fruit whitening scrub
  • Jasmine tea whitening scrub
  • Flower and plant abstracts whitening scrub
Body Detoxification & Nourishment Therapy
This therapy needs to go with the above mentioned Body Exfoliation & Nourishment Therapy (choose one out of the three)
  • Flower and plant essential oil body wrap therapy
  • ‧Purifying mud & caramel body wrap therapy
  • ‧Red mud body wrap therapy
Facials by Dermalogica
  • Anti-aging and firming therapy
  • Pure white skin brightening therapy
  • Long-term hydration therapy
  • Therapy for Metrosexual man
Intimate moments / Aromatic purifying hot spring services
The following therapies may be offered at MOON SPA and in VIP rooms; please contact MOON SPA personnel an hour in advance to make reservation for you.
  • Hot spring bath with aromatic crystal salt
  • Hot spring bath with aromatic milk oil
  • Hot spring bath with rose petals
  • Premium aromatic milk essential oil, rose petals, candles, hot spring / with red wine and desserts
  • Herbal steam bath
Divine moments package treatments
  • Paradise romantic therapy
    The above therapy may be offered at MOON SPA and in VIP rooms
  • Body purifying therapy
    • Floral footbath & herbal steam bath 
    • Body whitening exfoliation
    • Detoxification and skin care therapy
  • Body and mind relieving therapy
    • Floral footbath & herbal steam bath
    • Body whitening exfoliation
    • Message
Aromatherapy rooms – Spring Breeze, Summer Tea, Autumn Sweet Osmanthus, Winter Plum, Floral Garden; features steam bath and natural hot spring pool.